Turkina Faso’s Mad Men

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Slowly becoming a household name in Russia, Kati Turkina’s artistic pseudonym Turkina Faso is quickly grasping the attention of the masses. Having graduated with a degree of journalism in art, Faso has used her passion for photography to record objects from various spectrums that highlight her own interests.


Turkina Faso’s 2010 Mad Men series stars a youthful female child model in a range of minimalistic photos. With her hair slicked back and dressed in oversized attire, Faso has captured both the playful and somberness of age through these startling portraits. Whilst the majority of the series is monochromatic, some elude colour and some are of a grainy white texture. With the prop of the glass of milk and the positioning of the blazer, Faso showcases that age is in fact only a number. As the youth mature faster and the older generations forget the vibrancy of life, Faso presents Mad Men as an example that no label or concept should define you.


With a society containing ‘Mad Men’, Turkina Faso’s Mad Men photo series attempts to illuminate us out of the darkness of solicitude.

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For more information, visit turkinafaso.comhttp://turkinafaso.blogspot.ru/

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