tUnE-yArDs: Bizness

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If anything, tUnE-yArDs is your front yard: in your face and hard to ignore. It says a lot about the person, and as the band leader, Merill Garbus said in her latest interview with Pitchfork, she wants whatever she puts out there to be “a musical experience where people can really lose themselves and lose their self-consciousness.” So, in reality, tUnE-yArDs is a bit of your back yard too: a place to get loose.

When I heard “Bizness,” it made me want to do just that. The track confronts you in a way that not many songs sustain the power to do. It’s as if the notes are physically picking up your feet and dropping them back to the floor, forcing you to dance with them. Not only this energizing approach to music draws the listener, but also the feeling that is so deeply entrenched in Merill’s vocals. You can hear the pain in her breaking voice. As she puts it, “There’s this new dimension of self-loathing where you’re on exhibition for thousands of people. I would say performance is something that calls to me despite my fear and I know that’s where my creative voice is.”

It tickles me dearly as a fan to know that although these folks are increasingly and desperately wanted for performances in festivals all around the world, tUnE-yArDs’ sophomore album, w h o k i l l has a huge element of poking fun. Poking fun at being cool. Poking fun at acting cool. And, hey, I think that’s pretty cool. Or hip. Or whatever.

Also, peep their video interpretation of “Bizness,” here. Not so much business as it is a party of kids, colors, dancing, funny faces, stop-motion, and awesomeness. Enjoy!