Tunde Olanira

Tunde Olaniran : Highway

Today’s music feature is the unique and genre defying Tunde Oliniran. The Flint, Michigan based rapper/singer brings his own swagger and depth to the unorthodox beat that he is provided with, and the outcome is definitely something to take notice of.

      1. Tunde Olanira - Highway


“Highway” catches your ear from start, that first bird chirp and immediately has you guessing what’s to come. As Tunde delves into his free flowing story of gentrification, switching back and forth between song and rap, something just clicks and his sound starts to make sense. His style to me is almost reminiscent of the free-spiritedness of a hip hop duo we all know very well, Outkast, and yes just as like the southern players, Tunde comes equipped with serious theatrical quality. Be sure to look out for his 5 track EP Yung Archetype expected to drop via Quiet Scientific Feb 24th.


Check out more from Tunde Olaniran, www.soundcloud.com/tundeolaniran