TRUDON 1643, the 5 Fragrances and 4 Talents Project by Cire Trudon

Trudon 1643 is a heritage-meets-contemporary project and it consists of the launch of 5 genderless fragrances: Bruma, Olim, II, Revolution, and Mortel.
The five stand-alone scents have been thought to express themes inherent to royalty, religion and revolution evoking subversive characters from the Maison’s heritage.

Cire Trudon, the French company behind it, has indeed a very long history as candlemaking expertise, as well as a luxurious portfolio of fancy historical clients such as Louis XIV and Napoleon Bonaparte. Neither feminine nor masculine, the perfumes contain an olfactory complexity that belongs to a character rather than a gender.

The Trudon Project showcases four different talents; three master scent couturiers – Lyn Harris, Antoine Lie and Yann Vasnier – and Pauline Deltou, the bottle designer. It’s fascinating to know the ‘back to the scene’ of the whole creation process as each “nose” was taken to a specific Parisian landmark to chase their inspiration and source for the scent ingredients.