TrendWatch : Elin Eng


The moment I enjoy the most, is the moment I discover collections which disprove the cliché that fashion is based on shallowness. One of those collections is Elin Eng’s “Infatuated by the holy quest of growth”

Main concept behind the designs: the suit (with origins in the word follow) and territorial relationships. How growth brings the need of the suit and how the suit brings the thirst for power, the swallowing of diversity.


Eng’s collection is definitely eye-catching. Full-length jackets, accentuated shoulders, body pants, double-chest jackets. The color palette on one hand, black ‘n’ white to exterminate diversity and on the other, mixed-and-matched bold patterns in vibrant colors.

Whether the figure is dominating, whether it’s wolf in sheep’s clothing, the fact is that “regardless what uniform we address and dress ourselves with, underneath there is always a human”.





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