Trendwatch : Casting a Shadow

Influenced by traditional Moroccan and Ottoman lighting, designers are bringing a new concept to contemporary lighting design by casting their shadow. We have hand-selected designs that exceed the notion of mood lighting and move into a space 3-Dimensionally to frame the entire room.

The shadow becomes the identity of the lamp, and projects on the walls – the finished work, like an artist’s signature.


The milky way lamps, design by Dennis Parren are pendant lamps that projects lines of colors, and with a spin the Milky way appears in motion.


Written by Sylvie Lekarski

Image above and to the left  Dennis Parren

WaWa Catellani & Smith


Tom Dixon

Poetic Lab

The hand blow bulbs on brass stand, designed by Poetic lab, create attractive and dynamic shadows that imitate movement of water.

Nervous System

Anila Quayyum Agha

Anila Quayyum Aghh plays around with Islamic influence by balancing the static and dynamic light and shadow with her over-sized, lace motif wooden box.

Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian project is a cross between art and design, that continue exploring the limits of the 3-dimensionality of surfaces. Its graphic composition becomes a texture lit up by the LED bulbs places inside the various elements, creating a canvas of shadows.



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