Trends in iGaming Security

Trends in iGaming Security

The iGaming market continues to grow thanks to relentless technical advancements and emerging developments that offer a special betting experience. These are expected to reshape the industry by building a landscape where businesses can place consumers first and give them a 360° gambling ecosystem.

Well over 2,800 online casinos are operating worldwide. That makes the industry highly competitive. That also means that, of course, it’s a prime candidate for cyber threats. This is a big concern for players; thus, casinos who wish to lead the way need to pay careful attention to their activities’ safety. In the light of security challenges in online casinos, most operators of these facilities have resorted to technical steps to resolve these concerns.

Trends in iGaming Security

Below, we’ve gathered all the latest trends to help you understand how far the iGaming world is going in terms of security.

Stricter Verifications

The Gambling Commission is proposing new guidelines for online gaming platforms to attempt to make gambling safer and fairer. Operators would need to check the age and identity of consumers much more rapidly than 72 hours previously required. The Commission hopes that it would help stop gambling addicts bypassing exclusion mechanisms and further reduce gambling risk to kids. It says that easy verification casinos that don’t need ID have to check the customer’s data before they can either deposit or bet. It will also prohibit any unverified client from gambling for a free bet or incentive. The new rules were fixed to come into effect on 7 May.

Trends in iGaming Security

Protected Payments

There’s always a lot of mystery about how online casinos secure your money. Reputable casino operators can also be identified by the wider variety of safe payment solutions they provide to their clients. The goal is to give consumers a broader option, as players prefer to lean towards banking approaches that they are more comfortable with. Thus, a wider range of deposit and withdrawal options is expected to guarantee a higher degree of comfort for all consumers. Today, secure online gaming sites support nearly all current payment types. According to Mighty Gadget, there is a growing abundance of online casinos that accept bitcoins and Tru coins, in addition to conventional means. And now imagine putting those Bitcoins in your casino account and figuring out that your bitcoin wallet has been wiped empty. The secure and effective online casino uses SSL and TLS authentication to guarantee the safety of payment methods that you rely on when gambling. Still review to make sure that the casino has the same options for collecting your winnings. In the UK, every month, the casinos come up with fresh and unique themes in the online slots. In order to evoke interest in punters, these innovations are ushered.

Maximum players tend to enjoy the testing of new slots as soon as they are launched. When new online slots are launched, these come with new themes and bonuses, free spins, winning combinations, pay line arrangements, competitive RTP (Return to Player), and these are reasons why the online gambling industry is expected to take a hike in 2021. An amazing ensemble of slots based on adventure, treasure runs, safari, magical themes has been rolled out, while the classic fruity slots are still a hit among veterans. These slots are manufactured particularly by the best-known software manufacturing companies to provide the best user interface and further introduced to the casino sites. Some of the online slots which have released recently are: * Lost Boys Loot – Based on Peter Pan novels with theme slots * Hotline 2 – NetEnt classic’s hot sequel * Neon Rush – Splitz – Based on the 80s neon flare with a retro-style slot.

Safety of Players’ Data

Data leakage is one of the key safety issues of online casino gaming. Hackers are actively discovering new strategies for infiltrating networks, and this does not exempt online casino systems. Besides sensitive details, hackers are also involved in taking money from online gamblers. And you don’t want your money to vanish from your casino account before playing or as soon as you get your first win.

Many reputable online casinos can use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your money and personal information. SSL provides an encrypted connection between the website and the browser and is the same encryption technology that banks use to secure your private information.
You can tell that an online casino has SSL when you go to an online casino and see if the URL in the address bar states https:// instead of just http://. Casinos without this encryption must be avoided, as this ensures that it is so much easier for hackers to steal your vital details.

Software Licensing

One of the first criteria you need to look into before selecting an online casino is the issuing regulatory authority for the site. Ideally, the casino is located in a jurisdiction where online gaming is legal. A few of the most popular online casino territories are the Isle of Man, the UK, Malta, and the Mohawk Territory in Kahnawake, Canada.

This detail is usually placed at the base of the online casino site or on their About tab. Suppose an online casino does not list this information or you find it challenging to locate it. In that case, it may operate unlawfully in a country or area where online gambling is prohibited