trendland xmas mix

A Very Trendland Christmas Mix

trendland xmas mix

In spirit of the holidaze, a very merry Christmas mix, with love, from us to you!

Image by Carl Kleiner


Augie Rios: Donde Esta Santa Claus

      1. Aguie Rios: Donde Esta Santa Claus

Saskatchenwan: Last Christmas (Wham Cover)
      2. Last Christmas (Wham Cover)

Digits: Cold White Christmas (feat.Lesley Davies)
      3. Cold White Christmas (feat. Lesley Davies)

The Magic: If it Lasts Till Then
      4. If It Lasts Till Then

The XX: Last Christmas (Lennard Charles)
      5. Last Christmas (The XX/Lennard charles edit)

The Bandana Splits: Wonderful Christmas Time (Paul McCartney Cover)
      6. Wonderful Christmas Time (Paul McCartney cover)

Sufjan Stevens: X-mas Spirit Catcher

      7. X-mas Spirit Catcher

Avan Lava: Merry Xmas For Me
      8. Merry Xmas for me

Cyndi Lauper: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
      9. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

What other songs would you add ?