Trek Thunder Kelly’s Art Meets Fashion and Commerce

trek thunder kelly-wishham-female-b

I am really feeling Trek Thunder Kelly’s relationship to art and commerce. In his art Kelly uses iconic imagery and juxtaposes it with opposing ideas and often in great humor. I am completely drawn to his Indian fashion meets art series. It is visually unique, powerful, and innovative!

In addition the artist espouses the idea of inserting art unexpectedly, and out-of-context, into our daily reality. For example, in 1999, he wore a three-piece, black-tie tuxedo every where, every day for a year, challenging people’s ideas of fashion, and art.

trek thunder kelly-red-owl-flat-head-b
trek thunder kelly-elote-jicarilla-apache-b

trek thunder kelly-vuitton-indian-b

trek thunder kelly-devolution-fool-bull-b

trek thunder kelly-slow-bull-oglala-sioux-b

trek thunder kelly-suicide-frida-kahlo-b

trek thunder kelly-lincoln-combs-b

trek thunder kelly-purple-haze-b

trek thunder kelly-la-woman-b

trek thunder kelly-instigator-b

trek thunder kelly-clintonian-cigar-b

You may visit Trek Thunder Kelly in his gallery:

Trek Thunder Kelly
1224 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291