Travellin’ Underground : Mos Dub (Max Tannone)

Max Tannone did it again.  The NYC producer and DJ who delivered us the irresistible Jay-Z/Radiohead mashup album, Jaydiohead, just dropped his latest gem.  Mos Dub, pits the lyrical stylings of Mos Def against the classic sounds of vintage reggae and its latter day cousin, dub.  Sure it’s a mashup album, but its organic feel makes it feel like your first time.  There is something for everyone on this album.  Hip hop fans will sweat Mos Def’s remixed flow and the 420 crowd will pass the dutchie to the dub hand side.   Expect to see a number of these tracks on Hypem’s top 10 and on everyone’s summertime mix tapes.

Keeping it consistent, Max gives up his latest album, just like his last, for free. Get it here.  Download it.  Trust me.

Listen to “Travellin Underground” Here

      1. travellin man-mos dub

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