Trailer Tuesday: The Great Gatsby (1974)


The Great Gatsby is a truly extraordinary tale about the tragedies of love, wealth and the disintegration of the ever-elusive American dream set during the 1922 summer season on Long Island.


However, the new Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann, truth be told, feels more than a little bit limp in comparison to the spectacular book that inspired it. In response, we at Trendland are proud to present this trailer for the 1974 version of the same story, starring Robert Redford as Gatsby, that is the more honest, fine-tuned and heartfelt depiction of this epic tragi-drama. Every party in this movie is one we would have loved to attend, every dress is one we would have loved to wear and every character, draped in beads, tuxedos and the scent of gin is glamorous, lost and utterly magnificent.