Touch Concept Store : Organic Lamps

Currently being showcased at TOUCH Concept Store are a beautiful collection of handmade lamps by Meghan Finkel. Meghan Finkel started making her nature-inspired and sustainable lamps in 2004. A local New York design, her organic forms are readily appropriated into our contemporary homes. All of the lamps are made from reclaimed, recycled, fallen branches which she collects herself after a big storm along rivers & beaches. Although Meghan usually finds wood that inspires her varying lamp designs, for the TOUCH Concept store she was commissioned to produce variants of her branch lamps. Each one of her lamps is a hand-crafted piece of art that is made with love.

Her design process is timely. After finding the perfect branch, she strips the wood with a draw blade and uses a wire brush to scrape any leftover bark. She sands the wood for a smooth finish and primes the branches several times before an oil based paint is applied in powder colors for a high gloss, lacquered finish.

To purchase online visit the shop at, or come by the store located at 129 Rivington St., NY, NY (between Essex and Norfolk)