Tortus Copenhagen

Written By Guest Blogger Tara Lange


If you have a love for collecting ceramics or even just for admiring earthy materials and good design, you too will be inspired by Tortus of Copenhagen and their dedication to beautiful work. Tortus, which takes its name and modus operandi from the humbly slow creature, works at its own purposeful pace to create timeless, quality vessels. Or as designers Karin Blach Nielsen and Eric Landon put it: ‘unique encounters’ through which the ‘love of making’ and a ‘passion for materials’ manifests. (If that doesn’t sound like a love of craft, what does?) Committed to preserving the century-old Danish ceramic tradition, every piece is handmade in Copenhagen.

Tortus is exhibiting July 2-3 at the Capsule Fashion trade show in Berlin and at the London Design Festival by Tent September 19 – 22.

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