Torkil Gudnason
Animal Instincts

Originally from Denmark, Torkil Gudnason is a New York based photographer and a visionary figure in beauty, fashion, and still life photography. His career began when he was only a teenager. While his work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Surface, and Allure, his fine art photography has been exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world. Today, the award-winning artist divides his time between physical activity and photography.

What is it about still life that is more appealing than other genres of photography to you?
It’s a way to contemplate while you work (almost alone) a way to work quietly with compositions

What are your favorite elements or props to use in your images?
Simple forms that contribute expression between the lines something bold.

How would you define your aesthetic style?
Bold, colorful and fairly simple.

You have really sharp silhouettes and forms in your photography. What message are you trying to convey through your photography?
Ideally a visual surprise something that gets your attention (my attention).

You shoot a lot of different animals in your photography. How would you describe working with animals as oppose to people, does it take more time to capture an animal ?
No, they are maybe more human than people. Less vain and very thankful to be part of it. Full of surprises. Have you every met a bourgeois dog?

Tell us about the juxtaposition of animals and luxury?
It’s a visual flea market

Where on the web do you go for inspiration?
I guess all over… Pinterest is interesting

What is your take and approach with instagram and social media in general ?
I like to stay private. I don’t feel the need to show off everything in my life…besides not too much time for it… probably later when it becomes more sophisticated.