Tom Odell Live

Tom Odell: Another Love & “Sense” Video

Tom Odell Live

      1. Another Love



Disguised by unmistakable youth and porcelain skin, Tom Odell carries experience, heart break, and emotional depth. The British 18-year-old falls into a space that borders James Blake’s minimalistic territory, yet spills over into Alex Clare’s soulful emotionality. Atop beautiful piano compositions by this classically trained musician, his equally beautiful words surround uncomfortable topics like erections, ejaculation, life, death, and societal plagues.



“Another Love” reminds us that love knows no age and teenagers can often feel the brunt of its lasting scars–for the unlucky in love. He explains, “All my tears have been used up on another love…I want to fight, but my hand’s been broken one too many times...Yeah, I’ll sing a song that’ll be just ours, but I sang ’em all to another heart.” Will he love again? We hope so, for the sake of one lucky heart out there.


Enjoy this artist gem of 2012. Stay tuned for more from Tom Odell.