Tobias Jesso Jr.

Tobias Jesso Jr. : True Love

      1. Tobias Jesso Jr - True Love


      2. Tobias Jesso Jr - Just A Dream


Last year the insanely talented relic of a musician, Tobias Jesso Jr., softly entered the music scene with the release of his demo “Just A Dream”. His tender and sophisticated approach to musical fulfillment,  keeping a raw and minimal touch that allows the depth of songwriting and melodic mastery, shines in a way we can only think of through past temporal context.


“True Love” is his latest gift to us and it’s every twist and turn in both lyric and tone gives off a feeling of warmth and humility that we simply have phased out of popular music. Definitely keep your ears peeled for more from this fine young Canadian talent who’s currently working on his debut LP with Chet ‘JR’ White of Ex-girls.