TILT’S “All You Can Eat”

Two phrases pop out at me from the press release are “All You Can Eat” (the title of the exhibit) and “throw up” (the aesthetic of the artist). This wordplay, whether intentional or not, is actually perfect for Tilt, a “graffiti fetishist” known for his conceptual application of words in 3D, bubble letters, and overall wild style.


Serving up the quintessential American feast of burgers, fries, and ice cream truck treats, Tilt recently launched his latest solo exhibit at the Fabien Castanier Gallery in L.A. “Both a reflection of the American appetite and a commentary on consumption habits in general, his work uses the instantly recognizable iconography of classic American foods to present the stereotypical over-indulgent lifestyle,” posts the gallery.


Personal favorites include Pop Corn and Enjoy America, two pieces that seem to spill off the canvas. Just the way Americans do—messy and big.

for more information, visit www.graffitilt.com