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Tiga : Bugatti [Video]

Judged by the speed of this four-wheeler, another Juno Award might be closer than the market place down the block! The recently released music video for Montreal native Tiga’s dance-floor hit single “Bugatti” outfits a heavily retro influence: the macintosh, pop soda, talking lips, turtle necks, they were all called to the casting.


If you weren’t familiar with the track, you are now. And to your disadvantage, the thing is sticky like bubble gum. But ironically, this radio friendly jam earned the heart of the most underground. It’s loopy and inevitably that translates into being catchy naturally.


The credits are attributed to the newest member of the French DIVISION fleet of directors “HELMI”. You got to understand, this is the same DIVISION nominated for fifteen, wait? Yeah… FIFTEEN! UK Music Video Awards; more than any other production company in the biz – for the second year in a row. I mean, Disclosure and Iggy Azalea called upon these guys before, and Tiga the obvious cue.


Be sure to also check out one of the latest versions of “Bugatti” below which features rapper Pusha T taking a lyrical ride on the speed racer beat.




Post by Dupersonic