Popsicles Citrus

THUSS+FARREL Food Photography

You tower over me

The use of color and space in husband and wife team Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell still life photography make the excitement of spring all the more anticipating. Fruit confetti popsicles, stacks of melting ice cream, and lively greens are all bursting with vibrant hues of the warm months to come. Each object is placed with an effortless precision creating optical scenes of goodness. THUSS+FARREL founded their photography and design studio in 1991.

They are constantly submerged in creative projects whether it be set design, creative direction, photography, or graphic design. This dynamic duo does not miss a beat with a potfoilo lauding Chef Daniel Boulud, Per Se, Random House, and the New York Times.  THUSS+FARREL images make you want to reach right into the screen and grab a bite of their delicious sets.

What’s at steak

There’s more than enough

Popsicles Citrus

Pea Shoots

Onions and Thyme

Makeup Still One

BW Table

Buy Me Jewelry

Buffet To Make You Stay

A Little Trouble With The Waffle

More information at www.thussfarrell.com