Thursday Throwback: Nico


Nico’sThese Days” is definitely a sad song. It’s about someone who is disappointed, heart broken and even afraid of life itself. It’s a reflection of someone’s mistakes, regrets, losses, but at the same time is filled with innocence and hope for better days.

      1. Nico - These Days


The song was recorded by Nico in 1967 and written by Jackson Browne when he was only 16. Browne was surely a precocious songwriter and imaginative human being. To write this song you definitely need heavy emotional baggage.

The two met in 1967 just in time her debut album Chelsea Girl was being made. The elaborate production also featured the producer Tom Wilson, who added strings, and Andy Warhol, who added a pinch or two. Critics have denounced the strings addition, and Nico herself called the whole album unlistenable as a result.