sebastien tellier throwback

Throwback Thursday: Sebastien Tellier

sebastien tellier throwback

Today’s Throwback we feature Sébastien Tellier, French singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who made one of the most beautiful songs of the last decade.

      1. Sebastien Tellier: La Ritournelle - Sébastien Tellier


“La Ritournelle” has most intense 4 minutes in a tune, enough time for you to fully immerse yourself in it. Each minute gets even more fiery: strings accompanied by breakbeats and apprehensive piano riff prepare us to be delighted by Tellier’s smooth vocals. “So we make love on the grass under the moon, no one call tell, damned if I do”; it’s a ever lasting daring love, despite the tumultuous feeling it gives. Only his words calms us, everything else in the song is moving at a fast pace, and it seems that something beautiful and tempestuous is happening. It is a quite complex song.


“La Ritournelle” is in Sébastien Tellier’s second album the album “Politics”, released in 2004. The noteworthy drumming is provided by Tony Allen, of Fela Kuti’s band.