PAT benerta two

Throwback Thursday: Pat Benatar

PAT benerta two

It was October, on Halloween night when Pat Benatar’s life got a twist. Dressed on a black cat suit as a character from the 1953’s B movie “Cat-Women of the Moon”, she performed at Catch a Rising Star, the notable New York club, known in starting the careers of many famous singers and comedians. In spite of performing all her usual songs, her costume was what brought her luck and lead to what first comes to our minds when we think of her: Her signature smoky eye, killer red lipstick, and spandex, spandex and more spandex.


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Born in Greenpoint, in a Polish-Irish family, Benatar became interested on in theater and singing at age eight, at Elementary School and lasted till she her senior years on high school. Surprisingly, convinced that a musical career wasn’t for her, she pursued health education at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. From dropping out to marry her high school sweetheart Dennis Benatar, she worked as a bank teller when the couple moved to Richmond, Virginia. After a Liza Minelli concert, (Thank God) she finally realized that a singing was for her.


The couple moved back to New York, they divorced and she not only became a regular member at Catch a Rising Star but played the role of Zephyr in The Zinger, Harry Chapin’s futuristic rock musical.


Every night appearances at Night Clubs, jingles for Pepsi, were all necessary for her to cross paths with Chrysalis Records co-founder Terry Ellis, who released her first album “In The Heat Of The Night.”


With two unsuccessful debut singles, she blew out with the classic “Heartbreaker”.  But is in “Tropico” her 6th studio album, where it’s found one of her most remarkable songs.“We Belong”, a compelling hopeless love song about a couple struggling on their last days together.