A James Brown live

Throwback Thursday: James Brown

A James Brown live

Here at TL, James Brown will forever hold the unchallenged title as King of Funk and Soul.

      1. Night Train


His reining era dated from the early 60s to the late 70s with numerous singles to make its mark as chart toppers. One of the most pinnacle points of Brown’s career was the release of Live At The Apollo in 1963 – despite the issues this caused with his current recording label King Records. Brown wanted to pursue a new direction with his music – something more experimental and forward which didn’t go over well with King and ended in breaking away from the label with plenty of legal battles years following. Ear-piercing screams, soulful moans, and progressive ‘risky’ dancing was all part of Brown’s new funk approach. This new tone helped set him apart in a bolder and funkier genre than his heroes and predecessors like Ray Charles, Roy Brown, and Otis Redding. “Night Train” was one of Brown’s classics featured on the album and is this week’s Thursday throwback. Enjoy!

Written by Dana Kelly