Throwback Thursday: Gwen Stefani


Have you noticed how many years have passed since Love.Angel.Music.Baby was released? Yeah, almost 10 years. “Rich Girl” featuring Eve was blowing up our rainbow colored iPods and we could watch Gwen Stefani and her entourage of Harajuku Girls giving us some attitude on “Hollaback Girl” video.  And we used to watched it on a television, not on Youtube.


      1. Cool




But the most remarkable one was the nostalgic and romantic “Cool”, about two lovers who by some unknown event in life got into dissolution. Years passed and they reconnect, but is not the same anymore. He’s married, in love with another woman and Gwen is apparently ballin’ in a huge and fancy mansion. They are now friends, even though in the video, you can see (or wish for) something between them.  As the 3 of them bond, relapses of memories of their tenderness and romance comes. Gwen, years younger with alluring brunette hair, enjoys with her old lover a feverish Padania summer.  All you wish is that he will run away from his actual wife and go back to the arms of Gwen.