Thrashbird’s ‘Valley of Secret Values’ Transforms Ruins into Luxury Handbags

Condemned, decaying buildings are an eyesore to most people. When street art artist Thrashbird look at them he sees the story of a place and the people who’s lives it took part in. He feels it’s history, then see potential in what it could be now, seeing the beauty in the breakdown.

In Searching out abandoned modern day ruins, he looks for interesting and unique structures with opportunities to reach creatively, letting his imagination run free, and playfully turn decay into art that’s integrated into the existing landscape. Thrashbird try to bring those adventures to life.

Often describing this work using the analogy, “I’m like a kid imagining things in the clouds, only I imagine things in concrete and then bring them to life”.
Behind the art that he create at these forgotten relics of the industrial revolution, is creating for creativity’s sake, while commenting on issues important to him.

One’s imagination is a playground of boundless adventures