Thomas Keeley : “No Pun Intended”

thomas keeley-brush[1]

Thomas Keeley’s art is provoking and highly thought driven. His interpretations of everyday objects transforms them into witty concepts that anyone with a bit of sense of humor can thoroughly enjoy.

“I tend to work in three dimensions… It’s more rewarding for me… and most of my concepts demand it. I’ve always been interested in objects. They have a unique ability to be very subjective while maintaining impartiality… they can be deeply personal for the individual while remaining unbiased… so they leave a lot of room for interpretation.” – said Keeley.

thomas keeley-radio[1]

thomas keeley-pacifier1[1]

thomas keeley-hug

thomas keeley-killer

thomas keeley-bucket[1]

thomas keeley-camera[1]

thomas keeley-toothbrushwide

thomas keeley-toothbrushnarrow