Thomas Barbey “Unleashed”


I would describe Thomas Barbey’s work as a process of surrealistic narration, in which he combines photos he has taken over a span of 20 years from places near and far, into fascinating imaginary worlds. His stories really come together once he titles them, bringing to them a whole new meaning. Like in the photo above you see a montage of a bedroom scene and a beach scene, which he titles, “Wet Dreams” and you think, well of course what else would it be, but clearly only the vision of a true artist could marry those two contrasting images into such a seamless concept.



Thomas travels 2-3 times a year to take photographs of different things and places. Sometimes he uses an image several years later, but only when it fits, like the perfect piece in a puzzle and completes his project. Some images are composed of negatives that are separated by a decade in the actual time from when they were first taken and only come to life when they have found their perfect match.






For the reopening of their new location on 546 Broadway in Soho,  Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will be exhibiting the works of Thomas Barbey in their inaugural show on Friday November 6, 2009. See the opening reception invite below.

Thomas Barbey Unleashed