Theophilus London : Why Even Try

Listen to “Why Even Try” here

      1. 01 WHY EVEN TRY

The stylistically versatile Theoplilus London (featured by Trendland back in August of 2010 here) is on the rise again with the release of his upcoming album Lovers Holiday. His debut album was a wide-ranging exhibition of London’s eclectic nature and proved the Brooklyn based hip hop artist to have what it takes to attract some serious attention. “Why Even Try” is the first of what we’ve heard from the anticipated EP (Warner) and with an almost Notorious BIG -“Juicy” meets 1980’s electro-poppy feel, complemented by the presence the talented Sara Q of Tegan & Sara, this track has definitely got my head nodding. I’m not sure what we can expect with the rest of the album but whatever it may be it will undoubtedly be something we haven’t heard from him before. Happy listening!