THEESatisfaction: QueenS



Seattle Duo, THEESatisfaction welcome you to their house party with open arms, and a few instructions to maximize your enjoyment: “Turn off your swag, and check your vain. From your lengths to your tense, get down. But whatever you do, hey, don’t funk with my groove.” Basically, be yourself, and don’t mind us if we do the same.


What a perfect introduction to the unapologetic bad girls–straight out of a Foxy Brown episode–and their single, “QueenS.” The chopped up piece of funky R&B is just one smooth and sexy song off their debut album, awE naturalE  (via Sub Pop). The twosome–including Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White–write, produce, and perform their own material giving a whole new meaning to their ‘au naturale’ record title. With soul and roots in what they define as “Black Jazz,” they evoke influences like Ursula Rucker, Q-Tip, and Elaine Brown. They add warm raps to their feminine funk and make it even more their own by maintaining a psychedelic flair.


The estrogen-centric retro party featured in the video for “QueenS” nods to the girl power with which they rule and show us how to get down like royalty. Enjoy!