The Workshop of Paco Roncero

For the ultimate foodies, the Carmen Baselga Studio of Madrid has collaborated with Michelin starred chef Paco Roncero to make this groundbreaking multi-sensory, gastronomic space.  Eating as we know is the ultimate ritual, from preparation to setting and dining companions to the different courses and the discourse throughout the meal.  The Workshop of Paco Roncero, located in the nineteenth century Casino de Madrid building, has been carefully designed to explore how the influence of shapes, colors, flavors, temperature, humidity, sound, and light can shape a person’s experience with gastronomy.  The custom built space features all the most advance technologies, materials and eco-sustainable systems to be paired with the avant-garde gastronomic vision of Roncero.

Guests enter through a washbasin, and proceed to the dining area all while standing on special heated ceramic floor.  The ceramic table for dining has heated and vibrating spaces to cook and keep food at precise temperatures throughout the meal.  Guests can take notes directly on the surface of the table.  Designed to seat nine people, the table and chairs have been custom designed at precise measurements.  Diffusers through out the space vaporize water to maintain the correct humidity, and can diffuse custom made scents for various sensory enhancement.

The interior wall features 216 types of olive oil (Roncero is an olive oil specialist), which are stored at precise temperature, and a touch screen in the center which presents specifics on the tubes.

Additionally, advanced domotic sound and lighting systems have been installed with the intention of manipulating the participants sight and hearing experiences through out the meals.

It is not accessible to the general public, because it is a private work area. To the different sessions, lunches or experimental dinners that are going to be programmed with certain cadence, one can only go with direct invitation from the chef, due to the fact that they will be forming part of the research project.

This is truly a groundbreaking space and we cannot wait to see what kind of creations come out of it!

for a great interview with Paco Roncero, see here

Carmen Baselga Studio

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