maciek jasik_butternut_squash

The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables by Maciek Jasik

Maciek Jasik steps back from the human form to explore the still life in his series The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables.

Punctured and perforated, the aforementioned fruits and vegetables spill tendrils of colored smoke from their bodies. In some, the smoke streams out as if it were a liquid; in others, it billows in voluminous clouds. The series is haunting, so it comes as no surprise when Jasik says that he hopes to “reach a balance between aesthetic, emotional, subtextual, and more mysterious concerns” through his work.

The work is also part of The Still Life, a book that was just released by Gestalten and features the work of many young photographers who, like Jasik, are set on reinventing the classic form.

maciek jasik_butternut_squash

And on another note did you knew that apple trees are susceptible to many diseases !?

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