The Ruby Suns : Cranberry

The Ruby Suns new single, ‘Cranberry’, from their upcoming album Fight Softly (scheduled to be released in March 2010) is definitely not your average piece of music. This modern composition is arranged to perfection and from beginning to end leaves you guessing as to what direction it may take. The Ruby Suns would be somewhat hard to classify under one specific genre because their sound is an amazing fusion of African rhythm/precussion, field-recorded samples, psychedelic melodies, poppy synthetics, and faraway chant like vocals.  Regardless of genre, the New Zealand band composed of California born Ryan McPhun, Amee Robinson, and Bevan Smith has an incredible resonance and if this song serves as a precursor as to the quality of the rest of their new album I can’t wait to hear it! Enjoi

Listen to “Cranberry” Here

      2. Cranberry

Cranberry indie song of the day Sub Pop The Ruby Suns
Alexander Tzenkov

Music editor/creative producer by day, DJ/artist by night, Alexander is relentless in his dedication to satisfying his multi-faceted musical skill set and appetite for sound. Formerly serving as music supervisor at G.E.M.S., where he was instrumental in finding the perfect soundtrack for brands including Target, Jordan, ESPN, Cadillac, Nespresso, and more, as well as coming from a background in music composition, A&R and artist management, he channels his refined taste and repertoire into TrendLand music's platform and drives to develop new mediums of sharing & collaborating through music.

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