The Rapture: How Deep is Your Love

Listen to “How Deep Is Your Love” here

      1. The Rapture-How Deep Is Your Love

DFA, DFA, DFA. That little hand-drawn lightning bolt is so symbolic of good music releases these days. To name a few you may have heard of, the label represents Yacht, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost!, Free Energy, Hercules & Love Affair, and last, but not least our song of the day special guest, The Rapture

The San Franciscan band belongs in the family, with its electronic traits and strong DFA DNA of disco, dance, and post-punk. The NYC transplants had more of a large-sized ripple when their 2001 album dropped by the hands of Sub Pop Records. Their 2006 album, featuring hit, “Get Myself Into It” made a pretty big splash. Their return with upcoming September 6th release, In The Grace of Your Love is going to be a full-blown cannonball! Luckily, we get a sneak peek with “How Deep Is Your Love.” It’s 7 minutes in disco-banging heaven.