The Polo Bike – A Cool New Movement


They’ve got style, balance and are playing Polo on some cool fixie bikes.  The Polo Bike is a pretty cool new movement/sport and it doesn’t seems to be too popular yet… (see below…the cool Nike Video shot in Paris)


The game of Bike Polo, if you haven’t already figured out, is a variation of the equestrian game with a bicycle being substituted for the polo pony. Although not as glamorous as the equine variety.

Bike Polo offers as much challenge and fun without the prohibitive price tag. The game’s birthplace is believed to be India where, about a hundred years ago, British troops used bicycles to hone their equestrian polo skills.


It looks pretty fun !

At “3…2…1…POLO,” the players charge toward the ball and the game begins.
“It’s equivocal to horse polo in a sense because you’re playing with mallets,” “But if you get into an accident in regular horse polo, you will have a half-ton animal on top of you. “With bike polo, you have a 10-pound bike on top of you.”


Bikers are required to keep both feet on the pedals. If a foot hits the ground, the player must cycle to center court and touch his mallet to the ground before returning to the game.


Below are some scenes and a video shot in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo, where the movement seems to be strongly present.







There is this site called HardCourt Bike Polo dedicated only for the Bike Polo gamers !