The Obvious about Terry Richardson

Terry is a Perv’ ! But, we all knew that, I mean you can read it on his face (or on his site). I wont lie about the fact that, I like most of his pictures, but that’s not an excuse. He created his own signature style by having top models and celebrities posing nude or almost, with a very raw, white light.

Knowing the industry, the Terry Richardson truth would have to surface one of those days and today the Models talk on Jezebel. This is a man who once said of breaking into modeling, “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow. I don’t have a hole in my jeans for nothing.”Sad but true, having the huge influence that he has in the fashion industry, him and his “creepy looking” friend Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine are playing on the fact that its a “fashion industry standard” and you need to do that if you want to be in my magazine or if “want us to shoot you”! The truth is they dont care about what people will think about them, since they are on their little cloud and just thinking about their personal pleasure… Read the full model confession on Jezebel ( be careful its pretty shocking ).

Image from the latest Purple Magazine

So what can we do about it ?