The Mynabirds: Body of Work


      1. Body of Work


Transporting combat boots and toucans through the pop forest, the musical chief of The Mynabirds, Laura Burhenn, unleashes Body of Work with a punch. It’s tropical and confronting. Synchronizing big beat with vocal volume (choir and soprano) the track goes heavy on message and safari on melody, as apart of her recent album, Generals (this week on Saddle Creek produced by Richard Swift). Nebraska-based, The Mynabirds date back to early 2009 with a lineup of artistic transitions in what they call “a collective of musicians” with an LP, two albums, and infectious song composition.


The Mynabirds will remind you that ‘you are a living thing’ as Laura breathes thoughtful lyrics into bustling claps and hints of a Cafe Del Mar samba with this June track. Catch their Generals video released June 6. If you missed them at SXSW, or their March tour, catch The Mynabirds throughout the Midwest this month.