The Millennial Pink ‘Calile Hotel’ [Brisbane]

Sandy hues and natural light define the character of The Calile Hotel –  a new design gem on the map of Brisbane. The local architectural studio Richards and Spence imagined a hotel that will reflect the surrounding climate. To celebrate all-year-round summer, The Calile modernist building hides what one could call a “millennial” interior. However, the inspiration goes deeper. Rosy & beige palette reminds Brisbane’s beaches and sunsets.

Located in a vibrant neighborhood of James Street, the hotel is a fortress of sorts – guarding great design and an atmosphere of serenity. Its 175 rooms were painted blush pink featuring hints of other materials such as marble (it’s pink too!), brass, wood and glass. Arched windows and doorways add an elegant touch to modern apartments but the pastel palette reaches beyond rooms’ walls. It continues in the restaurant, the halls and on the terrace, offering a magnificent view of the city. The character of an old-school resort was maintained with an Instagrammable poolside as The Calile logo tiled at the pool bottom shimmers in the sun.