The Knife In Collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock : Colouring of Pigeons

I have always been fond of The Knife, both the music they make and the masks that they hide behind. If you asked me in 2001, when the brother/sister duo released their first album “The Knife”, whether I believed they would be of substance ten years from now, I probably would have answered “no”. Almost ten years later, not only are they substantial but I feel they have created there own niche within the world of music. Although most categorize them as electro-pop, it is hard to escape the very dark, brooding tones their music pervades. Never has this been more apparent than on Karin Dreijer Anderson’s solo project, Fever Ray, which made many top ten list in 2009, including mine.

This takes me to the track “Colouring of Pigeons”, the first track released by The Knife from a Darwinian based opera, “Tomorrow, In a Year”. The group was commissioned by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma and decided to make it a collaborative effort by asking both Mt. Sims and Planningtorock to help in the music making process. The track is an eleven minute epic that stands alone as one of the most unique and beautiful pieces of music I have heard in a while. It is definitely one of those tracks where although it’s only January, come December it will definitely make my top ten list. I would be doing you a great injustice if I didn’t link you to The Knife’s website where you can download the track for free. I should also mention that there are videos of the opera circulating on the internet, but I will make it easy for you by clicking here.

Listen to “Colouring of Pigeons” Here

      1. Colouring of Pigeons

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