The Juan MacLean

The Juan Maclean : A Simple Design

The Juan Maclean’s latest album ‘In A Dream’ released in September via DFA records comes accompanied by a polished short-film to set the mood and aesthetic boasting their lead single “A Simple Design”.


Under the direction of Gabe Imlay and Juliet Rios’ the duo featuring former LCD Soundsystem vocalist Nancy Whang, solidify their raspy punk post-rock band artistry into a dance arrangement of floating synths modulating around a potent vox track. John is seen brushing paint on camera as if creating a landscape for Nancy to house herself within.


Looking back at the record label that nurtured The Juan Maclean’s return to the music industry – Death From Above, commonly known as DFA, their inclusion of motion picture to music has brought more than success to their record sales. It has also given a face to the deejay flush of unknowns while stamping their simple design as one of America’s purest imprints.




Post by Dan Dupersonic