The Hundred In The Hands : Young Aren’t Young

Rarely has a new band, album or song done to me what The Hundred In The Hands album did to me today.  There I was, minding my business, trying to find ways to avoid the desk job’s ritual monotony.  ‘How can this Friday go faster?’  I went to KCRW‘s album preview page – a place to stream albums slated for near-term release – and happened to click this band’s new album, cleverly named “The Hundred In The Hands.” Smart marketing, to be sure. Anyway, this Brooklyn duo, Jason Friedman and Eleanor Everdell, put together an album that is truly great from start to finish.

Loyal readers will recognize this band thanks to Ighile’s prescient post last month.  But after listening through their whole album once today, I literally stopped what I was doing to start it over.  As of this writing I’ve listened through the 41 minutes of THITH’s latest five times and it’s making an astonishing sixth rotation now. Just WOW.

The album is incredibly well produced, naturally leading to fears for their stage show skill.  So on a lark of childish excitement, I sold a friend in Brooklyn on checking them out tonight at a spot a mere few subway stops away.  Sure enough, they are even better live.  I had a hard time picking the song to best whet your palette for this dance-y alt rock act.  Ultimately the first track left me little choice.  “Young Aren’t Young” is actually musically brilliant.

Sure it’s catchy pop rock, but the evolution of its electronica subtext is something to behold (behear?).  Enjoy the tune below; preview the entire album here; and then go buy it.  KCRW DJ, Mario Cotto, said it best of this something-like-alternative-rock band, “without fail people will bob their heads and ask what it is. It’s The Hundred in the Hands. And they challenge you NOT to dance.”  Welcome to the best thing to happen to your week.  Meet The Hundred In The Hands.

Listen to “Young Aren’t Young” here

      1. Young Aren't Young