The Gorgeous Shaping Colors Project of Germans Ermics

Latvian designer Germans Ermics common theme in his work, is investigating how people interact with their environment and how design can influence this interaction. He often employ his graphic design background to add a new and fresh approach to design and enjoy experimenting with different materials and perceptions of space.

During the past 2 years his work has been concentrated on experimentation with simple forms in glass and ongoing in-depth research between the material and its chromatic expression. ‘Shaping Colour’ project can be seen as a visual investigation into the relationship between color and shape.


In the realm of production of objects the phase of color application is normally seen as the final act of a process of assembly and manufacture, a procedure of finishing or decoration. Instead of finishing a product by just painting it, German started from color, wondering about what would it look like if he stretch, turn or fold the color as if it was a three-dimensional shape. He wanted to treat the color in a completely different way.


He chose very simple geometric shapes and transformed its cold, linear geometry into an element of unprecedented depth, opening the way for a world of new interpretations. The color becomes the element that generates the meaning of the form, transforming the pure geometry of material into an expressive object. The use of colour – applied to objects through a particular process of pigmentation. In his work it’s a way of approaching colour as a true three-dimensional object having its own consistency.


This is a continuation of this path of thoughts. German decided to expand the visual language by adding a curve, which gives a completely new perspective of how colour and shape can relate. He designed 4 new pieces shifting my focus to how parts of each furniture piece are interacting with each other – this time pushing, pulling and folding.


















Photography by Lonneke van der Palen