The Future of Relaxing

The Surf Chair® has been developed in collaboration with fellow student Leif Sørensen for the ‘Internet Collection’ competition at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2000.

Computers and technology are such a huge part of our lives and even though it’s getting harder for our generation to remember our lives before computers, it did exist. As for our children, I cant say the same. Cell Phones and computer have began to be a part of their infantile lives. With the new concepts and designs of home furniture and hi-tech workstations, technology takes another step into the depth of our lives, making computers and tv’s a part of how we relax. Check out the compilation of images of new furniture I collected…

The sexy-looking Maya Single Chair is specially designed to relieve your body and mind when you have a hangover. Crammed with a geeky style, the reclining Maya chair combined with 26 or 32inch screen, a pair of powerful 60W speakers and a sub, offer you the best possible lounging relaxation and get you back to normal.

This upholstered sofa called the “Athena,” features an integrated computer. You can use all functions like the home computer and can connect it with the multi-room systems to take care of media applications from email to watching TV from the comfort of a chair.
Multifunctional chaise-Longue called Wave Chaise from the Brazilian designer Roberta Ramme. The designer designed this concept especially for tech-savvy teenagers.
Freud would call this ‘returning to the womb’, but inside the Oculas Ovei pod, you can play PlayStation 3, watch a movie in hi-def, surf the interweb or chill out to music in surround sound, so it’s actually much better than the real thing. When Ovei’s British designer, Lee McCormac, came up with the idea way back in 2002, he rushed to register the name iPod, only to discover that some Californian company had already nabbed it.

via Bornrich, GizmodoT3