The Evolution of Live Casino Gaming

The Evolution of Live Casino Gaming

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Casino gaming has followed the gaming genre more generally and developed at an incredible rate. There are now thousands of variations on all casino classics, and plenty of new and unique ways to enjoy them. 

One of the most recent innovations that is quickly becoming a fan favorite is ‘live’ games. Rather than having the player stare at a 2D or 3D virtual table, a real table and dealer are live streamed. 

This helps to immerse the player in their game of choice by more closely replicating an authentic, in-person experience. Accessing a brick and mortar establishment isn’t easy and live casinos are a great way to bridge the gap. 

People who have played in Vegas or Macau, or even their local gaming establishment, often like the social element. There’s an extra thrill when seeing other players turn over a card or watching them win.

Live casino games hold widespread appeal due to the strong social element that is encouraged whilst playing. Players can interact both with each other and with the croupier using the integrated chat feature. 

The top dealers pay almost constant attention to their chats and frequently reply to the various messages they receive. 

In a real life setting, certain croupiers are often preferred by regular players. Each croupier has a unique and vibrant personality that inevitably enhances the gaming experience, and each player will develop a favorite. 

Although any virtual games are required to be fair, being able to see both the dealer and table is reassuring. 

Live casino games combine the best aspects of the in-person and online experience. This includes the frequent and rewarding deals offered online and the strong social element. 

This review details the evolution of live casino gaming as well as some of the top sites for any keen player. 

Live Dealer Casino Sites

Live casino gaming has grown to the extent that there are a number of dedicated sites that target them specifically. Some of the most popular games that can be played live include blackjack, poker and roulette.

Unlike other games that can be played online, live casino games aren’t offered free. This is because there are more overheads involved – the dealer has to be paid.

Bets on some sites start from 1p though, so it is accessible. At the upper end of the scale, there are limits of £100,000 so it depends on your own budget. gives you a great overview of sites such as:

  • 888 Casino
  • Bet Victor
  • Mansion
  • The Grand Ivy

And more.

The Development of Live Casinos 

Despite seemingly being a relatively new method of playing casino gaming, the idea of live games emerged in the 90s. Only a few years after casinos had entered the online world, companies began playing with the idea of playing with a live dealer. 

However, such attempts were seemingly ahead of their time and contemporary technology inhibited the idea’s successful implementation. The technological limitations were exacerbated by slow internet speeds that made good quality, reliable live streaming almost impossible. 

Dedicated live casino sites had to bide their time whilst the technology developed but eventually saw massive success. Aided by the widespread availability of fiber optic internet, many sites have recently launched live game shows to huge success. 

Licensing has been another factor. In order to run a live casino game, it must be licensed in the state or country where it operates.

As laws have relaxed in recent years, and more licenses have been granted, this has helped the industry. Gaming developers have invested huge amounts to offer the best experiences to players.

In ways, the casino industry has paved the way for other industries to implement live streaming.

How Technology Has Enhanced Gaming 

The last two years have highlighted the important role that technology can play in helping us to experience live entertainment options from the comfort of our homes. 

For example, live iterations of games can now be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets as well as computers. As Wi-Fi has gotten cheaper and more widely available, it has given more access to players in different areas.

The graphics and ease of use of live casinos have also improved immeasurably in recent times. The experience is completely immersive, and many people who were put off by online have changed their mind.

A small device called a Game Control Unit (GCU) is central to running a live game. It aids the dealer, encodes the video and is barely noticed by the player.

Because it is so easy to play on a phone and still enjoy the live experience, more people are playing. There are no glitches in connection, and often it is a seamless experience, letting you feel like you’re at a table.

You can feel like you’re playing Blackjack in Atlantic City, from the comfort of your sofa.


Live casinos are a perfect amalgamation of all that makes playing casinos games fun. There is a strong social element, and it helps people relax and have fun.

It is also good customer service to players, as people like real-life interaction. Now that they can communicate with a dealer and other players in real time, it’s a fulfilling experience.