The Creative Class [Video]


Amsterdam-based WeTransfer is a file transmission service but at its core fancies itself as a platform for a creative economy. Their latest campaign revolves around this new society of people who deal in photos, music and videos.
“In 2002, Richard Florida wrote about a group named The Creative Class that would form the driving force for the social and economic development of our post-industrial cities, a group of people made up of knowledge workers, designers, intellectuals and various types of artists,” declares their recently launched video site

Rounding up their own list, WeTransfer’s crew shot musician Damon Albarn, industrial designer Tom Dixon and graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister talking about their process in their digitally assisted workspaces. We would love to see them actually producing something, though, like a song or object. Nevertheless, a cleanly executed concept.





The Creative Class #1 – Damon Albarn from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

The Creative Class #2 – Tom Dixon from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

The Creative Class #5 – Stefan Sagmeister from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

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