The Count & Sinden (Feat. Mystery Jets): After Dark

Feel like dancing? I’ve got just the thing for you. That’s thanks to a rockin’ collaboration by UK hit-makers, The Count & Sinden and their London neighbors, Mystery Jets. The joint effort resulted in “After Dark,” a bohemian 80’s era track packed with club-ready beats and a rowdy, indie feel. The audacious twosome describes it as “world music from Essex. Everything is in there, but it’s all twisted,” when asked by Domino–their UK-based record label. Simply put, it’s the eclectic formula for a dance fever.

On the Essex club scene for some time now, the Count and Sinden have been making rumps shake. Simultaneously, the djs were secretly concocting a weapon of mass destruction for us dance-pop fanatics. It is so their style to choose an underground band for the project. The duo has a craving for fresh musical meat, especially when it accentuates the good taste of electro-pop dance flavors. A while back, the five-pieced Jets caught my intrigue with a Dusty Cabinets‘ remixed version of “Diamonds in the Dark”–yet, in the dark the group remained. It’s imaginable that this track’s title will opportunely symbolize the literal transition, which the indie band is currently undergoing: entering the exciting period after popularity darkness. I’m no psychic, but I have a feeling they won’t be under the radar for too much longer.

The energy-boosting single will be featured on the Count & Sinden’s first LP release of Mega Mega Mega this week: August 23rd, to be precise. Check out the sneak peak below. Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes: you’ll be needing them.

Listen to “After Dark” Here

      1. The Count Sinden ft Mystery Jets_After Dark