The Carnival of Ottana in Sardinia

The carnival of Ottana takes place in Sardinia, Italy, and has its roots in peasant culture.

Derived from a mediterranean neolithic cult of farming and fertility, the core character and originality of this event has been maintained due to the region’s long history of isolation. Sardinia-based photographer Giacomo Macis has attended the festival for three years in a row, always capturing the essence and spirit of what this festival symbolizes.

Carnival participants wear masks and costumes, each resembling a different farm animal and some representing the struggle between animal instinct and human reason. Giacomo’s alternative angle adds a mysterious aura to all that happens on the streets during the event, as per his symbolic images.

Associated with strength and vitality, the bull for example is the symbol of the carnival. Anthropologists associate agricultural civilization with ancient ceremonies where time of Spring was always celebrated as the symbol of awakening the earth and vegetation. The Ottana carnival is different from other carnivals in sardinia. Spectators can follow the parade from the beginning and feel like part of the event and the preparation process is a beautiful and interesting experience to be part of.

Written by Jade Moyano

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