The Bushfire Collection

The Bushfire is a collection of work developed for exhibition with The Other Hemisphere at Ventura Lambrate, Milan, as part of the Milan Design Week 2014.

The collection is an exploration and expression of Australia’s unique understanding of the regenerative aspects of bushfire. Drawing from the Australian landscape, five objects relate to one another through materiality, finish and colour, with each object designed to function both individually and as part of the suite.


Operculum (left) by Sarah Spackman is a copper and natural fibre brush that takes its form from native flora. The user is able to replace the bristles after they wear out with locally available fibres or other material.



Epicormic Clamp by Harriet Watts takes its lead from the new growth that appears on trees after fire. The clamp allows the user to create, and make additions to, structures with readily available materials in standard sizes.


Integument by Carly Vickers’ is a bowl that references the contrasting smooth interior and resilient exterior of seedpods that open up during fire.


Macrocarpa by Ben Elbourne is a table that explores the stages of bushfire and regeneration. Materials have been carefully chosen and layered so that the table can survive and change through fire.


Tinderlight by Lauren Austin represents the ignition of fire, borrowing from seedpod forms.


Images courtesy The Other Hemisphere © Andy Lewis

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