The Bianco Verde Deconstructed

Ok so when I saw this on Eater this morning it was basically impossible for me to not share with our Trendland readers. Maybe I’m biased because I’m from Arizona but Chris Bianco makes the best effing pizza on the planet! Pizzeria Bianco and the newly expanded Trattoria Bianco are where I gravitate as soon as I land at Sky Harbor Airport. This is not exactly a recipe but more of an inspiration to travel. Anyone who claims NY has the best pizza clearly has not taken a bite of Chris Bianco’s Pizza. Just one bite, is all it takes to convert anyone. Eater has taken the time to deconstruct one of the most delicately simple pizzas, the Bianco Rosa. A white pizza that is so good you won’t even realize there is no sauce. Caramelized onions sink into the luscious cheese, crunchy pistachios are sprinkled on top and it is finished to perfection in wood burning oven. Check out how Eater describes each element of this heavenly pizza pie.

Bianco Verdi Deconstructed
Via Eater
Pizzaria Bianco

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