The Best of Central Saint Martins 2009 BA Graduating Show


I wait for the moment all year long, when I can sit and review the graduating class of Central Saint Martins collections. Known for all the rising stars that have been born from the school along their meticulous curriculum, CSM students know how to perform, whether on a BA or MA level, they have been known to surpass great expectations. This year there were many highlights. I can say that too many collections stood out as a whole but many of the students had very string bits and pieces. One collection stood out beyond all the others, Marie Hill’s collection combinied the strengths of many keystone trends; bondage, hyper constructed knitwear and graphic use of colors to deliver something so fresh and new. It is apparent through this one collection that she is an upcoming innovator of the fashion industry.

marie hill-csm graduate collection

This next group of designers is what I called the runners-up. All of them showcasing traits of innovation, technique, and upcoming fashion stardom.


And finally here is a highlight of the looks that can not be overlooked. Perhaps these designers did not deliver in full a completely comprehensive or striking collection, or they just did not fit in my top 5 Collections, but I could not put a period on this review before including these looks.  See below for designer names:

1. Ara Jo 2. Dean Quinn 3. Wayne Fitzell 4. Laura Mackness 5.Kye 6.Eunkyun Kim 7.Luke Brooks 8. Olga Shishkina 9.Viktor Smedinge 10. Tessa Edwards 11.Phillip Prieswerk