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Written by Amber Johnson

Whisky has been distilled at the Balvenie distillery since 1893 and thanks to the skills of David Stewart, The Balvenie’s Malt Master, it boasts one of the most unique and luxuriously smooth ranges of single malts in the world. The Balvenie single malt Scotch whisky has a strong character, a sense of purpose, and at the distillery there is a dedication to traditional techniques that is unparalleled, with barley grown nearby and the malting floor one of the last of its kind in Scotland.

Today, as the most handcrafted and distinctive of malts, The Balvenie understands the importance and the art of making things by hand and is celebrating the culture of craftsmanship with a brand new website and bursary fund to shed light on this tradition. The Balvenie Commission website fully embraces the brand’s ethos of bespoke quality, distinctive taste and rare crafts by creating content and awareness around those values.

The site is made up of three sections, featuring both curated and original content by renowned writers and makers. The Balvenie Commission celebrates craftsmanship and explores the lives and works of people who make such crafts possible.

 The “Features” section offers articles created by renowned guest writers from around the world – the site launched with articles including a look at the authenticity of craft claims by Hole & Corner’s editor Mark Hooper; a visit to a new generation of makers around New York by Cool Hunting’s David Graver; and a profile of Italian tailor Nino Corvato by Atlas Quarterley’s editor Laura Palmer.

 The “Commissions” section showcases the results of The Balvenie’s bursary fund which sees makers from all over the world commissioned to create exceptional handcrafted pieces. This includes, for example, a collaboration with iconic English shoemakers and leather goods specialists, G.J. Cleverley, who designed a unique handmade leather whisky case for The Balvenie using Russian reindeer leather dating back to 1786.

The “Craft News” section pulls in the latest news from the world of crafts, ensuring The Balvenie Commission is bound to become the ultimate source of inspiration for craft aficionados.

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The Balvenie traditional floor maltings scaled

Now readers can be up to date and at par with the culture of craftsmanship, which becomes easily forgotten in the overly industrialized world we live in today.

The Balvenie understands the importance and the art of making things by hand.
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